CookWare Deluxe

CookWare Deluxe 4.2

Easily manage your favorite recipes


  • Auto-tidy function for recipes
  • Larger view recipes for reading while cooking
  • Create recipes and cookbooks for iPod


  • Complicated installation
  • Limited trial version

Not bad

Although there are plenty of recipe management programs out there, many of them are very similar. To really make your application stand out, you need to have a feature that nobody else does. CookWare Deluxe has decided on a simple but useful hook - it allows you to drag and drop any recipe from a webpage or document straight into your database.

CookWare Deluxe has lots of good points going for it. Its drag and drop functionality makes adding recipes very easy, while you can also go the traditional route and create them from scratch from within the program. It comes with a good number of recipes already included, and these are all editable and scalable. CookWare Deluxe comes with good offline help, and definitely seems to be aimed at people with less computer experience, which means that everybody should be happy using it.

The configuration options in CookWare Deluxe aren't extensive, although it does boast a nice measurement conversion feature. There are also meal planner and shopping list tools, and the search function was very effective. The program's configuration options do let it down slightly, however - you can't toggle US/metric in the default display (everything is given in US measurements) and I found the interface unattractive and uncomfortable to use.

CookWare Deluxe has a limited trial and is uncomfortable to use, so it's not for me.

CookWare Deluxe


CookWare Deluxe 4.2

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